Seishin Ryu Budo

We are back!

Bears Wood Scout Camp. 254 Court Wood Ln, Croydon CR0 9HJ

Sunday evenings. 6 to 8.

Aikido is a relatively modern Japanese martial art which was developed in the early half of the 20th century. Its origins lie with JuJutsu and KenJutsu (martial art of the Sword).

Aikido (which translates as ‘the Way of harmonious spirit’) is distinct from other martial arts in a number of ways. It is not competitive and is mainly a defensive art. It works by blending with the force of the attack rather than meeting it face on. Aikido also aims to subdue an attacker without causing them injury in the process.

It has been elegantly described as “The art of defending oneself whilst protecting ones attacker”.

Much of Aikido might be called ‘hand-to-hand’ but we also do some practice with the Katana (sword) and Jo (oak staff).

Classes are taught by Keith Nicholas who is referred to as Sensei which effectively means ‘teacher’. Keith has been involved with the martial arts for over 40 years and teaching for 3 decades.

Although etiquette, discipline and tradition underpin the classes, they are run with good humour. Everybody on the mat, from beginner to black belt, is treated with equal courtesy and respect.

All ages are catered for. Our youngest students are still at primary school; our oldest won’t see sixty again!

Our organisation is called Seishin Ryu Budo. We are non-profit making: Keith teaches for free and monies received go towards maintaining the club and equipment.

Getting here

To get do the Dojo, come down Court Wood Lane (from Croydon) where there are several roads on the left called Osward.

If you get to Markfield Road then you have overshot!

Passing the school on your right, you’ll come to a zebra crossing, the Bears Wood bus stop and a 20mph speed restriction.

Beyond this is, on the left, is  Osward Road for numbers 210-220 through 289-293.

This is confirmed by a green sign directing you to the Scout Camp, a red sign pertaining to parking and a green salt bunker.

Go up this road and turn right at the T-Junction. The campsite entrance will be visible. A sign about Police Dog Training confirms you are at the right place.

In winter don’t worry if all seems dark, you’ll soon see the lit up building at the end.

On arrival, use the double fire exit doors on the right side of the building (just give them a push). The dojo is through the next door.

Street View.

There is free parking on site.

Here is the map – it is, however, deceptive, you need to go up the last Osward (210-220…289-293), NOT Markfield.

Public Transport from Croydon

There are 3 public transport possibilities.

  1. Take Bus 64, 130, 314, 359 or 466 or Tram 3 (New Addington) to Addington Village interchange then the 353 (signed up to Forestdale) and alight at Bears Wood stop.
  2. Go to the Interchange per above then take the 433 (to West Croydon) and alight at Crofters Mead*. Carry on along Courtwood Lane and you’ll see the turning as detailed above.
  3. From Dingwall Road (by East Croydon Station) take the 433 (to Addington Village Interchange) and alight at Crofters Mead.

* Crofters Mead may appear on the web and your phone app as “Courtwood Lane/Bardolph Avenue”.

Sunday Nights

We are in the main building and the door is on the left hand side at the top of the ramp. On entry, turn right then left and into the dojo where somebody will look after you.

  • Wear loose clothing.There is no need to purchase the correct outfit (‘gi’) for the first few sessions.
  • For safety’s sake watches, earrings and the like should be removed. Jewellery should also be removed or, if this is a problem, taped or bandaged over.
  • We work in bare feet.

All levels of fitness are catered for but if you do have a particular medical problem, injury or disability then let Keith know when you first come along.

The class starts at 6 o’clock and runs to 8:00. Some junior members do have to leave early (school next day) but this is not a problem.

Although the class starts at 6, it would be most helpful if students could arrive by 5:45.

Do not worry if you see people already on the mats – you are not late! This is because regular students have an informal practice session from 5 to 6.

Cost is £7 per session for adults and £5 for juniors (under 16).

Spectators are welcome. If you just want to come and see what we do before trying a class then that is fine.

Further information

Keith Nicholas: 020 8 656 2181 (day or evening) or 07950 465814
Andy Ellis: 0208 662 1124 or aikido@cronxite.co.uk

Seishin Ryu official website

Seishin Ryu on Facebook

We also run the Body Harmony fitness classes. Suitable for all ages and free of charge!